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  Malaysian Journal of Animal Science Vol. 18(1) June 2015  
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1. Feed resources for small ruminants in Libya: A review R. M. Al-Mabruk and A. R. Alimon   download
2. MtDNA diversity and genetic lineages of four cattle breeds in Malaysia Somarny, W.W.M.Z., Ruzainah, A., Aslinda, K. Mohd. Hafiz, A.W., Md Tasol1, S., Fadzlirahimi, I., Amie Marini, M. N.   download
3. Relationship between body weight and body measurements of Aceh cattle Putra, W.P.B., Sumadi, Hartatik, T. and Saumar, H.   download
4. Estrus response and pregnancy rate of Rusa timorensis following estrus synchronization with prostaglandin analogue Mahre, M.B., Wahid, H., Rosnina, Y., and Jesse, F.F.A.   download
5. Effect of repeated laparoscopic ovum pick-up on yield and quality of oocytes in goats
Nor Farizah, A.H., Rahman, M.M., Wan Khadijah, W.E. and Abdullah, R.B.
6. Level of nutrition affects semen characteristics and freezability of Malaysian bucks Abdullah, R. B., Syazwan, A.M., Rahman, M.M. and Wan Khadijah, W.E.   download
7. Utilisation of cassava products-copra meal based diets supplemented with or without Allzyme SSF by growing pullets Diarra, S. S.   download
8. Growth performance of free-range village chickens fed dehydrated processed food waste Hossein, S. and Dahlan, I.   download
9. Feed intake, growth performance and digestibility in goats fed whole corn plant silage and Napier grass Khaing, K.T., Loh, T. C., Ghizan, S., Halim, R. A. and Samsudin A. A.   download
10. The antibacterial activity of diluted Tualang honey N. A. Roslan, H. N. Mohammad Rashed, N. H. Harun, M. H. Jamaludin, Z. Abdul Kari and A. R. Alimon   download
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